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Who We Are

Thinkers Creatives Coders

We're passionate about technology, compelled by its potential as we help create the digital products, experiences, and technology-driven organizations that drive true change.

Built from Medas

MEDAS Digital is from MEDAS GmbH a consulting firm focused on strategy technology and transformation. Together, MEDAS and MEDAS Digital can provide end-to-end solutions for our clients, wherever they may be on their journey. From early-stage strategy and technology wayfinding to digital product creation and workforce modernization.

We Build

We are Builders

We are the makers, the planners, the creatives and coders. Driven and empowered to build a world realizing the full promise of technology, we choose to imagine things made better—and then set out on a journey to realize what’s possible. We’re dauntless, fearless, ready to explore, eager to build with our people, our partners, our communities and clients. We navigate today’s challenges in rhythm with our clients, to focus the present, plot the next, and rapidly co-create the products and experiences that meaningfully shape what’s to come. We’re thrilled by the opportunity to build the future we want to see, with anyone willing to join us. Ready?

Building with Principles

We are built with principles that foster a more focused, engaged, and credible working culture, and that in turn has equips us to create success stories for our clients, partners, and employees.

Set a clear direction for the company and its employees, helping everyone to understand the company's values and goals.

Engage and work with the best talents.

A strong framework for making decisions that align with the company's values and goals, leading to more consistent and effective decision-making.

Strive to be reliable, trustworthy, and responsible, increasing our credibility and reputation in the eyes of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Attract and work with the best talents - based on potential and not pedigree.

Shaping our work to provide maximum value for our clients

Committed to delivering with the highest quality, speed, and integrity every time for every project.

Always be the truth tellers no matter how difficult

Make working and collaborating with us easy, transparent, and engaging.

Collaborative Vision

Our vision is a world powered by tech that is affordable & safe which inspires people and leads further innovation and in which each person has the opportunity to love their life and work.

Invest in our clients’ success

We got our start doing things differently. Instead of a grueling, up-or-out career, we offered balance and sanity. The opportunity to love both your work and your life. To prioritize family and work on high-impact projects with companies in your community - Invest in people. Invest in communities. Invest in our clients’ success. That is the central idea.

Integrity is a fundamental value that we uphold. It involves being honest, transparent, and ethical in all aspects of the business, including relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Customer Focused : providing exceptional service, and striving to exceed expectations, by putting the customer first we therefore lay the foundation of building strong relationships and foster loyalty.

Innovation is critical for us to remain competitive and grow. We prioritize innovation encourage our employees to think outside the box, take risks, and develop new products or services that meet the changing needs of our customers.

Global Talent In your time zone, available anywhere

We offer German Product and Project Management with the leadership in Germany, But just like other parts of Germany & Western Europe IT specialists are in short supply & expensive. Thats why we bring our technical talent from other beautiful cities of Europe, UK, India & Philippines.

  • HQ Germany
    Team of: 22

    OesterstraĂźe 107b, 44309 Dortmund, Germany

  • United Kingdom
    Team of: 12

    Greenside House, 50 Station Road, London N22 7DE, UK

  • Phillipines
    Team of: 42

    115 Carlos Palanca St., Makati, Philippines 1229

  • Dubai (UAE)
    Team of: 89

    Grosvenor Business Tower, Barsha Height (Tecom), Dubai

  • India
    Team of: 45

    4 & 5, Marudhar Industrial Estate, Opp. Syndicate Bank, Bhayander (E), Mumbai-401105. (India)

Why Partnerships

We are a distributed team

Tech Partnership helps us to stay competitive by providing access to the latest industry trends and innovations.

  • Access to specialized expertise and resources

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

  • Increased innovation

  • Risk reduction

  • Cost savings

  • Fast Scaling


News, notes, thinking and theories. Here’s the latest in the work we’re doing, and some thoughts on what we think is on the horizon.