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Launch your Product in 8-10 weeks



It will quickly bring focus to your product’s core value proposition, satisfy early adopters, and provide valuable market feedback that is so crucial for your product’s future.

Rapid MVP vs Normal MVP

A "normal" MVP has a more comprehensive feature set, while a "Rapid" MVP is a simplified version that is developed and launched quickly to validate the product idea and get feedback from the market as soon as possible.


A Rapid MVP is designed to be developed and launched much faster than a normal MVP, often in a matter of weeks as opposed to a Normal MVP which depending on the Product can go upto few months.

Feature Set

A Rapid MVP has a minimal set of features, while a normal MVP may have a more comprehensive set. The core idea is to enable companies to have a quick set of working Prototype for the purpose of targetted testing


A Rapid MVP is often less expensive to develop and launch than a normal MVP, as it has a smaller feature set and takes less time to build and typically uses standardised Devlopment structure.


The main purpose of a Rapid MVP is to validate the product idea and get feedback from the market, while the main purpose of a normal MVP is to test the market demand and build a product with a wider range of features.

Who needs Rapid MVP?

In general, a Rapid MVP can be beneficial for anyone who wants to quickly validate a product idea with the market and gather feedback, without investing significant resources.

Pre-Seed Startups

Pre=Seed Startups often have limited resources and a need to validate their product idea quickly, making a Rapid MVP a good option for quickly testing the market and gathering feedback.


Entrepreneurs with a new product idea may want to validate their idea with the market quickly, and a Rapid MVP can help them do this in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Small businesses

Small businesses may also have limited resources and a need to validate their product idea quickly, and a Rapid MVP can help them quickly test the market and gather feedback.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations may want to validate a new initiative or program quickly, and a Rapid MVP can help them test the viability of their idea and gather feedback.

Building the right product, fast.

1 week

Shaping your Idea

We begin with a detailed disussion on the minimum set of features and your target audience. In this phase you shall be working with your dedicated Product Dev expert who will be responsbile to adhere and allign time and set budget.

Identifying target audience
Defining target audience
Miimum feature list
Priortising feature list
Fucntional Flow
3 weeks


Once we have a common understanding its time a basic functional application comes online. Priority here is to have a functional applicaiton in place so that you and your target audeince can effectively test and document feedbacks.

Product Management
Software & DevOps
QC and Documentation
Deployment Server
Production Server
4 weeks


Test the MVP with the target audience to get feedback on the product's value, functionality, and user experience. We will also work with you in creating a testing plan and documentaiton methodolgy that helps as we move further.

Testing Plan
Release notes
Test Evaluation
1 Week

Feedback & Improvements

Feedback Interviews are a great way to not only review the testing phase but a classic one-to-one interview helps in understanding the overall perfomance & functional flow of the application moving further & creating an strong GTM strategy & budget

Online Meetings
Analyse Product
GTM Strategy
1 week

Scaling Plan

Equipped with all the informaiton from the testing and feedbacks its now time to put an effective scaling plan in place thus prepare for market and next seeding round.

Product overview
Road Map
Documented Feedbacks
Investment Strategy
GTM Strategy
Who will you be working with?

Your ProductTeam

We belive in personal connections and one to one discussions while we develop your product. This is the very reason when you get in touch with us via phone or email or via website a Product Manager will be working with you personally for the entire lifecyle of your Rapid MVP. The passion and vision has to be consistent during the entire process.

1. Product Manager

He is your wigman and shall be working with you for the entire lifecycle of the Product.

2. Project manager

Ensuring ontime delivery and realisation of the Rapid MVP goals

3. UX-UI

The creatives and the designers who bring your vision to life in design stage

4. Developers

Implelenting proof of concept and design

5. Tech Consultants

Providing key feedbacks, insights & advise, critical for evaluation & preparation of your next funding round (for startups).

6. QA-QC

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is critical for every design, line of code and project within Medas.

Managing your project

Flexibility Transparent Collaboration & Workflow Automation

We plan projects, track time, and allocate resources to ensure that projects stay on track and deadlines are never (or rarely) missed. While we do this we are transparent and empower our clients to work with us while we develop their application.

Biggest advantage of Salck is enhanced collaboration: Slack's real-time communication features, combined with its integration with other tools, help to enhance collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Other than this it helps us to improve transparency
Hive provides real-time collaboration, customizable workflows, integrations with other tools, task management, advanced reporting, and a user-friendly interface. These features make it a valuable tool for project management.

Building the right product, fast.

From idea to validation in a matter of weeks - Do you want to chat through your project? Get an idea of feasibility or the costs involved? Then let’s talk - You will be contacted by our Product Manager from the Get-Go.