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To confirm whether you have a product/market fit with real customers, you need to build something small, something that only addresses the highest-order problems of a small set of initial users & fast.


Advantages of MVP

Overall, doing an MVP can provide businesses with a number of benefits, including early validation of the product, faster time to market, cost-effectiveness, quick feedback, flexibility and lean development. It allows to test a product with a small group of customers, gathering feedback and using it to improve the product.

Early validation

By releasing an MVP, businesses can test their product with a small group of customers and gather feedback on what works and what doesn't. This helps to validate the product concept and identify areas for improvement before investing significant resources into development.

Accelerate your GTM Strategy

An MVP allows businesses to bring a product to market quickly, which can help to establish a foothold in the market before competitors do.


An MVP allows businesses to test a product concept with minimal resources, reducing the risk of wasted resources on a product that may not be successful.

Quick feedback

An MVP allows businesses to quickly gather customer feedback, which can be used to improve the product and make it more appealing to customers.


An MVP allows businesses to make changes and pivot based on customer feedback, making it a more agile approach to product development.

Lean Development

An MVP helps to focus on the most important features, avoiding unnecessary features and complexity.

Trust the process

Making a great MVP: a checklist

Your Idea

Commercial Product

Deep Dive

Product Design

User Testing

Product Development

Staging & Testing


Scaling and Road Maps

Deep Dive

The first step in developing a MVP is to define the goals and objectives of the project. This involves identifying the target audience, defining the features and functionality that are required, and determining the budget and timeline for the project. Your Product Development Manager is key during this process.

Product Design

The next step is to create a design for the web application, including wireframes and mockups of the user interface. This step is critical in ensuring that the web app is user-friendly and provides a good user experience.

Testing & Staging

Gathering feedbacks from Users is critical after the deisgn and wireframe stage before moving into development. One can expect few refinements already before the development can formally begin.

Product Development

Once the design has been finalized, the actual development of the web app can begin. This involves writing the code for the front-end and back-end, integrating any required APIs, and implementing the necessary database and server-side components.

User Testing - Staging

After the app has been developed, it is important to test it thoroughly to ensure that it is functioning as expected. This involves testing the web app on different browsers and devices, and conducting user testing to identify any usability issues.


Once the web app has been tested and any bugs have been fixed, it can be deployed to a web server for public access. This step may also involve setting up a domain name, configuring SSL certificates, and configuring the web server for optimal performance.

Scaling & Roadmaps

Based on the real world feedback its now time for planned upgrades and scaling. In this step you work with the product team in creating a list of features and roadmap for possible scaling and upgrades.

Who will you be working with?

Your ProductTeam

We belive in personal connections and one to one discussions while we develop your product. This is the very reason when you get in touch with us via phone or email or via website a Product Manager will be working with you personally for the entire lifecyle of your Rapid MVP. The passion and vision has to be consistent during the entire process.

1. Product Manager

He is your wigman and shall be working with you for the entire lifecycle of the Product.

2. Project manager

Ensuring ontime delivery and realisation of the Rapid MVP goals

3. UX-UI

The creatives and the designers who bring your vision to life in design stage

4. Developers

Implelenting proof of concept and design.

5. Tech Consultants

Providing key feedbacks, insights & advise, critical for evaluation & preparation of your next funding round (for startups).

6. QA-QC

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is critical for every design, line of code and project within Medas.

Managing your project

Flexibility Transparent Collaboration & Workflow Automation

We plan projects, track time, and allocate resources to ensure that projects stay on track and deadlines are never (or rarely) missed. While we do this we are transparent and empower our clients to work with us while we develop their application.

Biggest advantage of Salck is enhanced collaboration: Slack's real-time communication features, combined with its integration with other tools, help to enhance collaboration between team members and stakeholders. Other than this it helps us to improve transparency
Hive provides real-time collaboration, customizable workflows, integrations with other tools, task management, advanced reporting, and a user-friendly interface. These features make it a valuable tool for project management.

Setting your project up for success from the start

You've got a great idea - let's make it a reality. You’ve spotted a gap in the market, or a problem that needs solving. You’ve come up with an idea for a game-changing digital product to solve that problem – you want to change the world!