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Running a startup is a tough task - MEDAS Startup hub covers the entire ecosystem from the inception of the idea to the actual use of the final product including its improvement, dev & scaling.
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Tailored to meet the needs of Pre-Seed fledgling startups, this program aims to overcome any obstacles hindering creativity, gain a clear understanding of the current situation, and establish a solid business concept that has the potential to deliver a successful minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Mentoring & Startup Credits
  • Tech Infra & Workspace
  • CRM & Email Campaign tools
  • Product Design & Discovery
  • Idea Validation
  • Prototyping
  • User-testing
  • Early Go-to-market
  • Ready for MVP/Rapid MVP

Crafted with the objective of assisting nascent seed startups in making critical decisions regarding the design, development, and go-to-market strategies for their products, this program empowers startups to develop their products more efficiently and expeditiously, thereby propelling them toward their subsequent funding round.

  • MVP/Rapid MVP
  • Product Discovery
  • Commercial Validation
  • Mentoring & Consultancy
  • Team Augmentation
  • User testing
  • RoadMap and Scaling Plan
  • Go-to-market

Tailored to suit the requirements of scale-ups that have already achieved product-market fit and aim to develop products that are ten times better, this program enables them to identify new avenues for growth and gain deeper insights into their users.

  • Growth Design
  • Scale Product Discovery
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • User Interviews & Workshops
  • Team Augmentation

Proven product workflow

Lets launch your Startup Product

Deep Dive

Step 1

The very first step is organising your business by first assigning a Product Manager who would essentially be your wingaman guiding you and working with you organically every step of the way.

Credits & Tech infra

Step 2

Setting up infrastructure and workspace takes up valuable time and resources. With our productivity tools and managed DevOps infra, you have a free trial period, controlled cost and scalable support.

Custom Workflow

Step 3

We turn your business idea into robust software at a Fixed Cost, enabling you to confidently grow through pre-seed to scale-up stages. Count on our experience for creative cost saving tactics.

Rapid App Deployment

Step 4

Our MVP approach helps you focus on your product's core value proposition, gather valuable market feedback, and satisfy early adopters, even if you start small or use no-code solutions.

Mentoring & Funding

Step 5

Our collaborative approach focuses on developing what is necessary, with no unnecessary upsells or hourly fees. We also offer investment in pre-seed stage-hybrid model of cash & services for equity.

Trust the process

Making a great MVP:a checklist

Your Idea

Commercial Product

Fucntional Flow

Product Design

User Testing

Softwate & Devops



Testing & Scaling

Fucntional Flow

A well-defined functional flow helps in the design and development of the application, ensuring that the steps involved in performing a task are properly defined and implemented.

Product Design

Product Design and wireframes are critical prior to development & coding. Here you shall be working with your product-dev expert and the UI-UX team in bringing your concept and the functional flow both seamlessly blending inn so that you are able to visually realise the basic features. What you can expect here is a strong visual representation of the concept and the application.

User Testing

After the concept, functional flow and Design is completed it is imperative to once again go back and touch-base with the same audience who were part of the Product Discovery process. This will help you to collect feedbacks and on a realisitic level prior to development and prototyping.

Software & DevOps

This perhaps is the most exciting phase in the entire lifecycle of Product Development. During this phase our development team takes over headed by our Product Delivery Leader who under the guidance of your wingman develop the product. The advantage of this structure is simple- we are able to control the budgte, timeline, brief and most important of all quality and relaibility. Our DevOps team also comes in play who cateoriacally set up the deployment and production servers for you and create a scalable architecture that is easy & cheap to maintain.

Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0 release is the first version of your MVP. This release is your product with minimum set of features that are as per the discovery & product validation stage - typically the Beta version is released on the deployment server or "staging environment" for internal review. This internal reivew is especially important for the product team who would be taking notes and further refining few more things prior to actual deployment. We also roll out a deployment plan and work with you in creating your strategic Product Release outcome notes that way its more controlled and the target aurdience (that were part of the product discovery process) are also well informed about your plans intended outcomes.


Armed with a fully functional product and deployment plans, we are now ready to either have a phase wise roll-out or a complete release of the product. Together with your product manager you are now independently testing your prodcut with your internal target audience and also having the chance to gather real world feedbacks. We typially advise our clients to have a phase out plan and include the product manager as much as possible so that the technical overview, requirements and flows go hand-in-hand with the feedbacks - this collaboration is critical in creating the most well-balanced and straegic outcome in prepearation for the seeding round.

Testing & Scaling

The Scaling plan can be a plan that is both in terms of team and the product. Hiring an in-house team offers maximum trust, a seamless team structure, and communication- but very expensive and might not work if you dont have a single technical team leader who shares your vision for the product and/or the passion. Outsourcing on the other hand can save your time on hiring the right qualified specialists. You are getting the right tech team — engineers, quality assurance engineers (QA), designers, business analysts (BA), and project managers. You save your time and get a highly professional team, flexible regulation of the team members, an agile system of people replacement.
The key is a strategic mix of 2 -we can further help you in creating this plan that can go hand in hand with the product.

Funding Strategy

After a successful deployment you can leverage our engineering and project management teams have who have deep expertise in not ony delivering tech products to various industries within tough deadlines and budgets but also help you in creating a very strong technical and viable product documentation. With your Product Manager you are now in a poston to strat working on your Funding Strategy while leveraging your product development and boosting product launch.

Quality Control and Analysis

A dedicated QA is assigned right after the Product Design phase so that the product design is well understood and feedbacks from the internal users is also brought inn - having a dedicated QA-QC team right from the strat ensures your product is well powered and planned

Lets Talk

Every step of the startup lifecycle, from the idea to validation of adding new features to a successful product, is important. There is no right way you should go. Just make sure you have enough expertise, passion, and resources to move forward - that is exactly what we offer - Flexibility, Passion, Reliability and Affordable Scaling. With us you have a Tech Partner that you can rely.