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Technology Partnerships

Scale Confidently

Tech Partnership helps us to stay competitive by providing access to the latest industry trends and innovations.

Onboarding Process


If you have decided to become a technology partner then please note that you have to sign a mandatory vendor compliance, confidentiality agreement and agree to European policies of declaring your company details. Here is a simple minimum checklist on how MEDAS on-boards a new Technology Partner.

1. Research and Due-Dilligence

Conducting research on potential partners and vendors is an important step in due diligence. This includes reviewing their website, financial statements, and other publicly available information. This is typically carried out by MEDAS in-house sourcing team together with legal partners that further help us to launch country specific due-dilligence.

2. Review References

Contacting current and past clients of the potential partner or vendor is an important step in determining their reliability and performance : in this step we typically work with the potential partner in discussion.

3. Financial & Legal

As per European and German laws typically its important to have some form of informaiton that is available already - as a result we do our best in requesting the potential partners to declare to the best of their ability the minimum information that is required for us to be clear on the ultimate owners, operating partners, share-capital and finally audited financials for the last 2 years. This enables us as a team to be transparent and we offer the same information redily to our customers if a situaton so demands.

4. Certifications and Accreditations:

Reviewing any certifications or accreditations that the potential partner or vendor may have can help to verify their qualifications and expertise.

5. On-site Visit

Conducting an on-site visit to the potential partner or vendor's facility can provide valuable insight into their operations and the quality of their products or services. This is mandatory and critical for MEDAS to execute prior to any confirmation or deals.

6. Current Contracts

Reviewing any contracts or agreements that the potential partner or vendor has in place can help to identify any potential risks or liabilities.

7. Insurance & Liability

Reviewing the potential partner or vendor's insurance coverage can help to ensure that they are adequately protected against potential risks again this is a mimimum requirement at MEDAS proceeding forward since we operate as per German and European laws.

8. Compliance

At MEDAS we take compliance very seriously - Reviewing the potential partner or vendor's compliance with relevant laws and regulations can help to ensure that they operate in an ethical and legal manner.

9. Cyber Security Measures

Its critical to ensure that MEDAS's clients data, informaiton and Project details are protected a review of the existing infrastructure that aid apt can help to ensurcyber security and respects the privacy laws is critical in protecting sensitive data. GDPR compliance and zero leak is manadatory requirements at MEDAS. In most cases our partners typically follow SOPs and the project is completely managed via the terminal servers of MEDAS.

Who we are and what we expect?

To our potential partners

We are headquartered in Dortmund – a city in Germany’s North Rhine-Westfalia region. It’s known for its Westfalen Stadium – home to the Borussia Soccer Team. But just like other parts of Germany & Western Europe IT specialists are in short supply & expensive. Thats why we bring our technical talent from other beautiful cities of Europe, UK, India & Philippines. All our technology partners undergo a strict compliance and technical evaluation process - once they are part of our ecosystem we stand by them and host their technical offerings thus responsible for top-notch service and timely delivery to our clients here in Germany and elsewhere.


Your ability to be transparent and forthcoming in terms of your ability to handle a project or a tech-stack is key moving forward with MEDAS. Normally for us it becomes quiet clecar in the on-boarding process itself. We like Proactive approach and not Reactive.


Ability to deliver goods or services on time and as promised is critical for us as a team moving forward this is uncompromised and fosters better working realtionship. This is a culture in MEDAS that boils down from the leadership all the way to our Projects and Delivery team.

Uncompromised Quality

Every line of code should be sanitised and there is no compromise whatsoever. Quality is paramount while we develop and work on our clients projects. We expect that you own the same trust that has been placed on us by our clients.


Your ability and willingness to adapt to changes in the projects's needs or requirements be it the stack or scaling is important since we work with a lot of startups and this demands a level of flexibility and scaling that is more important than pricing and comfort -we want you to remember that our success lies with our client's success.


Clear and effective communication channels in place, and be responsive to any questions or concerns the organization may have is critical while we develop our client's projects. This also means a developed culture of asking and clarifying rather than assuming. We also expect our Partners to have such infrastructure in place already that will harness the effective communication.

Cost Effective

Providing goods or services at a fair price, and work with the high performance teams that find cost-saving opportunities is what we offer our clients and its important that our partners understand this - we need passion and a sincere attitude towards cost - ultimately our efforts that are fairly priced will support our clients especially startups to be succesful and scale. This way we can create success stories for all TOGETHER.

2-way NDA

Protects information on both sides and fosters open dialogue


Declaration for compliance is mandatory to ensure good practices

GTC of Purchase

It typically includes information such as the payment terms, delivery options, warranties, return policies, and any other important details related to the transaction.

What we Believe

By sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources, technology partnerships can foster innovation, increase efficiency, and help businesses stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets.