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Widu's Tech first approach to Photography

Tech Startup

Widu is a tech-startup from Dusseldorf Germany empowering creatives and end-customers to realise the full potential of producing high quality & stunning visuals by using Tech in Media production making it faster, affordable and seamless.


iOS, Swift, AWS Amplify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Amazon S3, Bellus3D, MSFT AppCenter


Product Discovery, Product Management, Custom Web App Development, Experience Design, Managed-Cloud Hosting, Dedicated DevOps, In-house API management and integration, Email Automations, Maintainence & Scaling.

Medas Startup Hub

Medas Startup hub covers the entire ecosystem from the inception of the idea to the actual use of the final product including its improvement, dev & scaling. Every step of the startup lifecycle, from the idea to validation of adding new features to a successful product, is important. There is no right way you should go. Just make sure you have enough expertise, passion, and resources to move forward - that is exactly what we offer - Flexibility, Passion, Reliability and Affordable Scaling. With us you have a Tech Partner that you can rely.